We produce commercial films for television, internet and corporate purposes.

We first develop the concept and then select the best tools to implement it: lighting, video cameras, steadycams, camera dollies, lenses, the soundtrack and colour correction.

Materials produced by Forward Group are visually particularly attractive.

The music matches the emotions we want to express. All this creates a sense of integration which enforces the message and makes it more noticeable.

Commercial spots contribute to brand awareness on the market. When broadcast on national television, they reach the audience of many millions; if distributed on the web or thematic TV channels, they hit specific target profile.

Image boosters

Corporate films have a great advantage over other audio-visual productions: your copyrights are unlimited. You can release them on DVD, broadcast on TV, show on exhibitions and conferences or publish on your website and use for corporate purposes, training, B2B as well as publish to smartphones, PDA's, iPads etc.

Forward Group uses professional recording methods to produce image boosters relying on our experience and tools used for producing commercials. Our production will shed positive light on you company, showing its assets, performance, innovation or CSR operations.

The image booster is both informative and intriguing. We develop a professional screenplay for the film based on company information. Good films bring prestige to your company. The promote products or events, encourage buyers, upgrade the company's assets or motivate and integrate staff.

TV programmes

We are an outsourcing partner for Polish television channels.

Our productions include programmes devoted to people, emotions, passions and lifestyles but we also made programmes on architecture, interior design, cuisine and sports. Our partners are free to order product placement services, purchase emission rights, broadcast sponsor billboards and place their logos on press releases concerning the show.

Product placement is a very effective marketing tool as it shows the product in context and affects the viewers' subconsciousness.